Cop Throws 10 Orphaned Ducklings Into Pond Amazing Thing Follows


Little ducklings left to fight for themselves in a huge, dangerous world without a parent to guide them have a pitifully little chance of surviving.

Fortunately, a bunch of baby ducks who had lately lost their mother weren’t left all by themselves for too long.


In Southgate, Michigan, on Tuesday, animal control officer Diane Desrosiers rescued 10 ducklings that had strayed onto a busy road. Desrosiers was forced to place the feathery babies in a pet carrier for protection because the mother wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

The baby birds were in a terrible situation because they were orphans, but suddenly Desrosiers had an idea.

She took them to the neighborhood South Winds Golf Club, where a wild duck by the name of Stella had just given birth to nine of her own young in one of the ponds on the course. Chris Grandy, a golf professional, observed what he called “the most lovely type of thing I’ve ever experienced” there.

Desrosiers dumped the babies in, and Stella swam over to them immediately. As soon as she realized they were without a mom, she gathered them up and led them back to her own brood, adopting them on the spot.

“She’s basically saying, ‘Follow me,'” someone can be heard saying in the video.

Just like that, the ducklings were back on track to a normal life. Desrosiers wasn’t immediately available for comment about the adoption she helped facilitate, but in many ways the power of Stella’s maternal instinct speaks for itself. The baby ducks, of course, required no explanation.

“They lost their mom and now they got a new mom,” Grandy told FOX 2 News. “It was the most precious kind of thing I’ve ever witnessed. It was such a motherly thing.”

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