Mom Buys Dog And Son Matching Shirts To Convince Dad He’s Already Family


Abigail met Loki at the shelter while volunteering for a spay/neuter clinic. Abigail stepped up to foster him. When Loki was in his new foster mom’s car, he looked up at her with these beautiful, expressive eyes and begged her not to take him back there. He then held her hand the whole way home.

The first order of business was to introduce Loki to Abigail’s little boy, Leo. The boy and dog had an instant connection. In the video below, Leo hugs Loki and says softly, “He’s mine… He’s my baby.” What was going to happen when foster Loki found his forever family? How would Leo cope?

Abigail fell deeper in love with Loki; she saw how he was with Leo and couldn’t imagine letting him go. But the family already had two Great Danes, and her husband Humberto vetoed the idea. Even though Loki fit right in and little Leo was desperately attached, his dad felt three large dogs were just too many.

Does Humberto change his mind? Does Leo have to say goodbye to “his baby?” To find out, click play on the video below! Thank you, Abigail, for opening your home and heart to Loki. To follow the family on TikTok, click here. Please consider fostering today. Foster homes are an intricate part of animal rescue!
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Dana A. Orear


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