A Couple Is Taken Aback When They Discover The Tiniest Hitchhiker Riding In The Front Seat Of Their Car

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G and her boyfriend had just arrived at the supermarket and were sitting in their car in the parking lot discussing their shopping list when they suddenly realized they weren’t alone.

A little mouse was perched on the front of their car, and the pair was taken aback when they realized he’d been there the entire journey and gone unnoticed.

“He looked to be simply chilling, investigating the windshield and hood region,” G (who declined to provide her full name) told The Dodo. “I’m not sure he noticed there were people inside his vehicle.”

Credit: G

The trip to the grocery shop was just about five minutes long, so the small mouse hadn’t been along for too long. Regardless, he appeared to be in good spirits and was simply taking in the scenery from his new bike.

“I was basically startled when I saw him,” G stated. “I’m from the city, so seeing animals up close fascinates me, and rats don’t frighten or upset me.” In fact, I thought he was rather charming.”

The pair concluded the mouse had been hidden somewhere in the car’s inner workings, which was why they hadn’t seen him previously.

The mouse had presumably chosen to check out the place once the automobile had stopped and determine whether or not he wanted to remain a long.

“He appeared to have climbed up from a compartment behind the windshield wipers beneath the hood, but it wasn’t connected to the engine compartment,” G explained. “We subsequently lifted the hood and looked for a nest in the nooks and crannies, but we couldn’t find anything, so the mouse wasn’t in there for long before we went to the store.”

Credit: G

Despite the fact that he’d survived the journey, the couple was concerned for the tiny mouse’s safety and wanted to bring him somewhere secure. G realized that she had some reusable shopping bags with her and decided to use one of them to assist with the relocation of the small creature.

“I’m not sure if I just got lucky or if my hidden talent is being a mouse whisperer, but he ran right into the bag,” G said. “Maybe it seemed like a good hiding place after being out in the open up on the car.

I held the bag shut with my hand and took him over to a wooded area near the parking lot but away from the road, walked several meters in so he wasn’t released on the edge and put the bag down on its side. He popped out, sniffed around a little, then got spooked when he saw me and dashed into the undergrowth.”

The mouse had had no idea there were humans nearby and was taken aback when he noticed G. He was under the impression that the automobile and subsequently the grocery bag had miraculously transported him to a beautiful verdant sanctuary. Nonetheless, he looked appreciative of the assistance.

The mouse arrived safely at his destination, and the pair will undoubtedly be on the lookout for other little hitchhikers in the future.

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