The Dog That Works In The Laundromat Keeps Falling Asleep On All The Machines


If you enter Larkin Street Laundry right before closing, you can receive a very warm welcome.

Cody, an 8-year-old golden retriever, assists his father in closing the laundromat each night. Cody takes his work extremely seriously; he sleeps on top of the washing machines while his father cleans and organizes everything.


Luckily, his dad doesn’t mind that Cody isn’t the best worker.

“My dad owns the laundromat and has always taken our dogs there with him when he closes up at the end of the day,” Stephanie, Cody’s sister who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo. “Our old dog loved to sit in the chairs to watch customers and people pass by, but Cody is more nimble than him.”

“After we tried to get him to just sit on the chairs, he figured out a way to climb from the chair to the smaller washers and then to the bigger ones,” she added. “He’s a little lazier than our old dog, so he’d rather lay down and wait for pets and treats.”


While patrons wait for their clothes to complete drying, Cody has emerged as the center of attention at the laundry.

For the independent Cody, who enjoys attention but would rather others approach him, this setup works well. His guiding principle has always been “I do what I want,” Stephanie said.


And from his high-up vantage point, Cody can keep watch on everything going on at the laundromat.

“I think he likes how he can see everyone at eye level when he’s on top of the washers,” Stephanie said. “He’s also kinda snobby for a dog, so I have a theory he likes to feel like a king up there.”


After working at the laundry for years, Cody has gained local fame and even become the focus of some memes.

But the good boy doesn’t let fame distract him. After all, he has a job to do, and those washers aren’t going to sit on themselves.

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