Off The Coast Of Norway The Largest Orca Pod Ever Caught On Film


Hundreds of killer whales have come together off the coast of Norway at this amazing time. An expedition boat unintentionally encountered the massive pod, which had at least 300 people, and the film left everyone perplexed.

Credit: Youtube

Naturally, such a large number of orcas raises a few questions given that these top predators usually stay in small groups. The massive pod was initially spotted by a wildlife guide. At first sight everyone thought they may be part of the same family, but when they noticed their numbers were getting larger and larger, they put the idea behind.

Orcas also gather in large numbers when the mating season starts. Nevertheless, these agile marine creatures are very secretive regarding their breeding habits, such a huge gathering has never been seen before.

Credit: Youtube

The numerous seabirds that were escaping eventually revealed the strange behavior of these orcas. They quickly discovered the presence of a fishing fleet as well. The only reason these hungry orcas have traveled there is to eat.

Herring, which is a favored food of orcas, is abundant in these waters. As a result, many orcas congregate here when fishing season starts. But this was the first time a massive pod like this was photographed!

Watch the spectacular sight, bellow:

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