Instead Of Being Picked Up The Dog Demands ‘Elevator’ Treatment


Madi is 11 years old, and everyone who knows her will attest to the fact that she knows precisely what she wants and will never, ever compromise.

Madi’s mother, Serena Hodson, told The Dodo, “She’s quite choosy and only likes a few chosen individuals in her life.” “One second she’s cute and wants all the cuddles in the world, and the next she’s completely uninterested in you. She’s a bit snarky and will become irritated if things don’t go her way!”

Madi has several points of view, but her strongest is her attitude on being picked up. She despises it and will not allow it to happen if she can avoid it.

Because Madi is such a small puppy, it’s nearly hard to avoid picking her up. She enjoys sitting on the bed or the sofa with her mother, but she is unable to do it on her own. Her mother used to merely cover her with a blanket everytime she pulled her up so she wouldn’t bite her, but that approach hurt her heart, so she was overjoyed when her father devised the elevator method.

“It’s strange since Madi has no tricks or even knows how to sit on command,” Hodson said, “but he was able to communicate with her that if she wanted up on the sofa or bed, she needed to sit on the pillow to be hoisted up.” “It’s extremely sweet because she gets so delighted when she’s hoisted up that she’ll waltz around the room because she can’t contain her joy.”


Hodson will sometimes use Madi’s bed instead of a pillow, which works just as well. Madi doesn’t mind being held as long as she isn’t truly being held. She’ll let you hold her on rare occasions, but only if you’re sure you’re in the correct situation.

“If I carefully hover my hand beneath her tummy and kneel down so she isn’t hoisted up to my height,” Hodson said, she will sometimes let me carry her. “In any case, Madi has improved her ability to accept being held; she simply likes the ‘elevator’ option.”


Madi is a little puppy with a big personality.

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