In The Park A Woman Discovers Her “Lost” Dog Cuddling With A Stranger


A recent incident occurred while Augusta D. and her dog Blue were visiting a nearby dog park, and it rightly worried her.

Blue typically engages in open play and running with the other canines. However, in a split second, Blue vanished from view.


“I lost sight of him for a few moments in the park among all the other dogs,” Augusta told The Dodo. “It’s quite large and busy with lots of dogs.”

Turns out, however, Blue wasn’t lost or missing. He had simply put play on hold — and for the sweetest reason.

Evidently, Blue had sensed that his happy, loving presence would be of benefit to another park-goer who was sitting by himself on a bench. So, Blue approached and plopped down at his feet. That’s where Augusta’s scanning eyes finally found him, cuddling up with the man:

@blue.loyalaf Blue always finds people who need a little extra love 💙 #dog #puppy #rescue #puppylove #adopt #mutt ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Augusta feels that the man’s cuddles that day were precisely timed despite the fact that it’s difficult to determine for sure what Blue may have detected in the man.

Augusta wrote, “Blue constantly finds folks who need a little extra attention.

And let’s face it, a little extra affection from a loving dog like Blue is ALWAYS appreciated.

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