Abandoned Dog Siblings Are So Happy To Be Reunited After Their Rescue


Meet Camryn and Emma — a brother and sister duo who stuck together after their owners abandoned them in a national park.

Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy rescue, first heard about Emma and Camryn from a Good Samaritan who’d been feeding the pups multiple times a day for almost two weeks.

“She kept trying to get them, but they were too skittish,” Hall told The Dodo.


The pair of siblings would help themselves to the food, but they would never stray too far apart from each other or the spot where they’d last seen their family. So, the woman called Hall for help.

“We were having the worst heatwave and rainstorms when she called,” Hall said. “I really didn’t think they’d still be there, but they were! Just laying there next to each other.”


It was clear that the two pups were bonded by the way they huddled together in one spot, even though they had an expansive national park to explore. And even when Hall set her trap, they barreled towards it together.

“They were both trying to go into it together, which never works,” Hall said. “The trap won’t shut if two of them are in it.”

So Hall decided to try something different. She grabbed her Snappy Snare — a tool used to humanely catch a dog by his neck — and started talking to one of the dogs to gain his trust. Her goal was to capture one of the pups using the Snappy Snare, then secure the other one in her trap.

“It took hours,” Hall said. “But I wasn’t giving up.”

You can listen to Hall talk to the two pups here:

After a few hours, Hall was finally able to get the male pup, whom she later named Camryn, using the snare. She put him in her van and closed the door before initiating phase two of her rescue mission.

“I reset the trap, but Emma wanted nothing to do with it,” Hall said. “She just wanted her brother so bad.”

Instead of going into the trap, Emma ran in circles around the van. It was clear to Hall that Emma’s priority was her brother and not the food in the trap. So Hall decided to use the siblings’ bond to her advantage.


Hall stated, “I climbed in the vehicle and held her brother. I was cuddling Camryn while demonstrating to Emma that everything was fine.

After some initial hesitation, Emma entered the van to accompany her brother. The reunion of the two pups filled them with joy.

They were ecstatic to be reunited, according to Hall. Emma just continued to kiss her brother.


Hall then brought the pups to her vet, where they were separated briefly while undergoing a standard checkup. The pups were spayed and neutered, vaccinated, then finally reunited again.

Their reunion after the vet was just as heartfelt as their reunion in Hall’s van on the day of their rescue.


“When [the vet] first brought them out from the back, they were dying to see each other,” Hall said. “They just kept touching noses as if to say, ‘OK, we’re together. Everything’s OK.’”

Shortly after their vet visits, the two pups were placed in a foster home together. According to Hall, Emma and Camryn are thriving in their foster homes, but their story is far from over.

“I want to find them a forever home together,” Hall said. “I’m not going to separate these two.”

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