This Guy’s Security Camera Revealed How His Dog Climbed A Ladder To Get To Him On The Roof


Dog owner Vince Matteson of Portland, Oregon had quite a surprise recently when he found his dog on the roof next to him. He was quite shocked at first, trying to think of a way the dog got on top of the roof. He thought maybe someone was tricking him or maybe he was just seeing things. Then Vince decided to review the security footage in his backyard to see how it happened.

Here’s how Vince got Ace down from the roof: “My roommate was home, called him up and the only thing I said was ‘Umm…. Grant… Will you come out to the backyard for a second?’ He climbed up the ladder and I handed him, Ace. Ace is about 75lbs, so it was definitely a difficult task.”

Watch the video below:


ORIGINAL DOG CLIMBING LADDER VIDEO #goldenretrieverlife #goldenretrieverdad #goldenretriever

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